Window Graphics

Perforated One Way Vision

Mactac JT5817PUV 180mic White Gloss Monomeric 60:40 Ratio 

Mactac JT5837 150mic Monomeric White Gloss 70:30 Ratio

These perforated window films allow you to display a printed graphic and create a degree of privacy from one side of the glass. The black back-side of the film provides a contrast, allowing the film to remain see-through from the other side.

Different applications require different perforated vinyl solutions, and we offer the option of varying vinyl-to-hole ratios, as well as clear and translucent perforated films. Our 60:40 & 70:30 vinyl-to-hole ratios give you flexibility in terms of how much privacy you need for the application, and how much of the image needs to be seen, which may depend on whether it’s seen from close up or far away.


Dtec UltraVision 180mic Clear Polymeric 70:30 Ratio

A clear option enables the film to be fitted from inside the glass, providing graphic protection from external elements and vandalism. This allows the customer to layer up the print according to their specification. White ink is required to back up the reverse printed graphic to give it opacity, giving you the option to choose what colour you have the back, rather than having the traditional externally applied versions with a consistent black back.

Dtec UltraVision 180mic Translucent Polymeric 70:30 Ratio

The translucent white option act as a backlit, whereby the light from inside the window illuminates the film at night, bringing the graphic to life. During the daytime it gives the regular one way vision effect.

Look out for our gold, rose gold and silver perforated options coming soon…


Easy Fit Window Options – Mactac Dot Series

Mactac JT8300 DOT 120mic Clear or White Monomeric Vinyl

This monomeric vinyl is designed for easy and fast application and removability thanks to its dotted adhesive system. With no water or application tools needed to install this vinyl, it’s ideal for inexperienced fitters. With good adhesion on glass and most smooth surfaces, the vinyl is suited for short-term indoor application for communication and advertising campaigns, discounts, promotional activities, product launches and trade shows.


Mactac JT8300 DOT 100mic Red or Yellow Transparent Monomeric Vinyl

Still with the dotted adhesive system, these transparent gloss red & yellow options allow you to achieve a colourful impact without having to print a background colour first.


Easy Fit Window Options – Dtec Easy Fit Series

Dtec Easy Fit Ultra-Clear Glossy 180mic Polyester Film

This ultra-clear transparent polyester film has a removable and repositionable silicone adhesive. The low tack, almost cling-like adhesive system, allows for easy fitting onto windows. With easy removing without leaving residue, it's ideal for window decorations and retail window advertising. This film can also be front or reverse printed.


Dtec Easy Fit White Satin 190mic Polyester Film

This white satin polyester film hasa removable and repositionable silicone. The low tack, almost cling-like adhesive system, allows for easy fitting on to windows. With easy removing without leaving residue, it is ideal for window decorations & retail window advertising.

Transparent & Translucent Window Films

Mactac JT9700 WT-PT Matt White Translucent 70mic Polymeric Vinyl

This white translucent vinyl is specially developed for long-term signs indoors or outdoors. It is designed to produce strikingly high-resolution graphics that can be brought to life with backlit illumination. Delivering a high impact display either on lightboxes or windows, the matt finishes reduces glare from the surface, making this an eye catching solution in many environments.  


MACal Crystal 8400 Transparent / MACal 9700 Translucent

These punchy coloured films transform your glass partitions and windows. See the world in a different light with our transparent options or add a degree of privacy with the translucent options during the day. Then let your lights transmit a stunning array of colours at night to ensure you really stand out from the crowd.

Window Etch

MACal Frosted, Glass Décor / 3M Decorative Glass Films / Poli-Etch

We have a comprehensive range of window etch films to cater for virtually all requirements. Whether you’re looking for a dry or wet apply, privacy, signage, or a lot or little light transmission, we have the style for you. We also have options available if you’re looking to add colour, to print onto or to add a bit of sparkle.  

We also have a range to suit every budget. So whether you’re after something subtle for your office partitions, or something to bring your shop windows to life, we have you covered.

Optically Clear

3M SC-8150 Clear View 50mic Cast Film (7 year)

Mactac JT5409 RUV Optically Clear 50mic PET Film (2 year removable)

These highly transparent printable films allow you to produce stunning window displays without compromising the clarity of the glass. For great aquatic settings, you have the option to go for subtle, see-through graphics. If it’s bold and punchy colours you’re after, you can back your prints up with the use of white ink. Create your own window frosting, your own one-way-vision, or simply highlight the areas you want to stand out. We also offer the flexibility of a long lasting 3M film, or a shorter term removable Mactac film.

Static Cling

Poli-Tape Static Cling White/Clear 150mic PVC

These films adhere to smooth surfaces, such as glass and metal, simply by a static pull. This means they are removable and repositionable, and do not leave any residue behind. They are suitable for indoor applications, and are generally used for short term presentations, window graphics, and labels. The clear option can be backed in white to add opacity to the print. The film can be contour cut, though it’s essential prints are left to dry and outgas prior to cutting. When applying to glass, in order to avoid trapped air causing bubbles, it is recommended that you wet apply the film.

Double-Sided Window Graphics

Dtec Double Sided Gloss White Block-Out 180mic PVC Vinyl (removable)

This film has a white gloss finish on both sides, with a block-out layer sandwiched in between. The block-out layer allows you to present a different image on each side of the film, without any shadowing or show-through on the reverse side, while only having to apply the film on one side of the glass. This is commonly seen on the inside of glass doors, where one side displays ‘pull’ and the other ‘push.’ The film is only printable on one side as the reverse is backed with an adhesive. One image is printable on one side of the film and the second image is printed in reverse on a clear self-adhesive film.

The next step is to laminate this to the front side of the clear film. When you’re ready to install the graphic, simply remove the release liner from the clear film, and apply the adhesive side of the clear film to your window accordingly, usually using a wet application method. This eliminates the process of adding a block-out layer yourself during production, or a customer attempting to line up different graphics on each side of the glass.