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    Pave the way in Architectural Finishes with 3M DI NOC™. Used by designers and architects around the world, architectural films resemble natural materials to a remarkable extent.

    In a highly durable and flexible material, the films feature 3M™ Comply Adhesive air release technology, ensuring fast, easy and virtually bubble-free application. Enjoy over 300 of the most popular finishes and cover your interior surfaces with replicas of natural materials, including fabrics, wood, leather, carbon, metallic and more.

    With the ability to transform spaces in a matter of hours rather than days, they’re a cost effective solution for high-end, memorable décor. 


    3M DI NOC Architectural Films

Mactac Wrap WW

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    Specially designed for internal and external wall decorations, Mactac’s range of architectural printed media will give your walls the transformation they deserve.

    Whether you’re looking for a highly customised, premium wall coating or a durable, long-term film performing brilliantly on flat and demanding wall surfaces, Mactac offer the ideal solution in their WW range.

    Designed for short, medium and long term applications, the WW range offers a wide choice of high-performance films that are easy to handle, install and remove. 

    Choose your desired thickness, finish and application method to ensure you achieve a high-performance, high-quality project, every time.


    Mactac Wall Wrap

Kernow Coatings

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    Kernow Coatings provide a range of high-performance wall coverings in a variety of finishes.

    If you’re looking for a linen, embossed, textured or smooth wall covering, Kernow Coatings provide a range of high-quality finishes.

    Top coated with vinyl, they are designed for tough environments such as retail spaces, hotels, schools, offices and hospitals.

    The range is also water and tear resistant, washable and displays zero shrinkage over time.


    Kernow Coatings Interiors 

    Kernow Coatings Kernowjet

    Kernow Coatings Floor in One


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    Our Neschen Solvoprint Wallpapers are ideal for those looking for a high-performance, printable wallpaper, rather than a wall graphic. 

    In a range of sand embossed/textured, classic embossed or smooth finishes, it boasts high brilliance photo-realistic print quality, scratch resistance and fast drying times.

    In 295gsm, these thick wallpapers are ideal for creating customised interior designs for indoor applications.


    Neschen Solvoprint Wallpapers

iSEE2 StrongTouch Supreme

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    iSEE2 StrongTouch Supreme is a high-performance film specially designed for general signage. This signage ranges from uneven painted and moderate textured surfaces, to concrete columns and walls.

    It can also be used for low surface energy substrates such as ABS plastic (for example: snow mobiles or quads). The use of moderate heat is recommended when applied on bricks, rough walls and pillars.


    iSEE2 StrongTouch


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    Our DTEC wall coverings offer an ecological and environmentally friendly solution to wall coverings, due to their PVC-free material.

    The DTEC Self-Adhesive Opaque Wall Covering is designed for easy application, without leaving residue when removed during the first 6-12 months. The film is resistant to shrinking and stretching, with a non-reflective matt surface and an initially repositionable adhesive.

    The DTEC Wall One Part is a high-quality textured film, designed for short to medium term applications such as POS, commercial spaces, exhibitions and more. With a scuff-resistant surface, it offers good durability without the need for lamination.


    DTEC WallTak 

    DTEC Floor in One