Floor Graphics

One Part Systems

These films have a textured print surface, making them slip and scuff resistant. Typically designed to adhere to smooth hard floors, such as concrete or tiling, some are also suitable for application to low pile carpet tiles.

These films do not require lamination, so offer a more speedy production time than conventional two-part systems. They are often a more cost effective solution too.

The thickness of the films allows these to be fitted with ease and are ideal for short term advertising or signage in to shops, offices, airports, convention centres and many more locations.

The slip ratings given to the films in our range determine what environments and conditions the films are suitable for.

Within the range we also have a short term external solution too.

Two Part Systems - Internal

Two part floor systems are made up of a printable base film, used in conjunction with a matching and/or recommended textured laminate with a certified slip resistance.

Having a two part system gives you the option to choose a base film with the perfect adhesive system to meet your needs, ranging from removable, permanent, high tack, and even high tack with a clean removal formulation.

In addition to this, you have the flexibility to combine the base film with a laminate engineered to the required slip resistance rating for your application.

Over-laminating the printed base film also offers protection to the printed graphic, typically making the two part floor system more durable over longer periods than the one part solutions.

For internal areas with higher footfall, or for longer term signage, our range of internal two part systems are the ideal solution. Our team can advise on the base vinyl and laminate pairing suitable for your project.

Two Part Systems - External

Our range of exterior two part floor systems are engineered to overcome much more challenging surfaces, conditions, environments, and traffic.

The base films typically have a much more aggressive adhesive required to bond to low energy and/or uneven surfaces.

The range includes films with conformability, making them ideal for slightly more textured or uneven surfaces, such as bitumen, asphalt, and paving. The matching laminates offer a higher slip resistance than the internal grades, meaning they can be used in areas where the floors are often likely to be wet, both for internal or external applications.

The thicker laminates not only offer superior protection to moisture and abrasion, but also offer greater resistance to colour fading of the printed graphic caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. Whether it’s playgrounds, high street pavements, car parking spaces, outdoor dining areas, we have the right solution for your needs.

Our team can advise on the base vinyl and laminate pairing suitable for your project.

Within our range we offer solutions compatible with Solvent, Eco Solvent, UV, and Latex print technologies. See our application guidelines for more information on preparation, printing and installation.

Slip Ratings - What do they mean?

R9 - for Dry Areas

R10 - for Areas Kept Mostly Dry

R11 - for Areas That Can Occasionally Be Wet

R12 - for Commercially Wet Area