The Canon Colorado 1650

The Canon Colorado 1650

The premium printing market is constantly evolving. No longer are wide colour gaumets and higher resolutions seen as over and above, they’re simply the minimum requirements expected by consumers. As new technologies develop, digital printing has the capabilities of offering infinite creative possibilities whilst creating real, rich experiences. By offering mirror-smooth gloss and deep velvety matts, spaces are instantly transformed into cinematic experiences, from floor graphics and pop up banners to wallpapers and ceiling banners.

With the introduction of the UVgel technology, explained in our latest blog post, digital printing can finally break free from the convention of repeated patterns and lifeless imagery.


The Canon Colorado Series

Introducing the Canon Colorado Series, the latest innovation in the roll to roll printing space, powered by Canon’s new UVgel technology. A 64” production printer, the Series produces scratch resistant, odourless prints that require zero drying time. Delivering colourful, razor sharp images, the UVgel allows a precise dot gain resulting in enhanced productivity, speed and colour accuracy.   

Designed with your business needs in mind, the Colorado helps you smoothly manage busy periods whilst improving profitability, thanks to a reduced ink usage and premium print quality on even the most basic media.

A unique balance between productivity, quality and speed, the Colorado comfortably meets growing market trends within the roll to roll printing industry: increased volume capacity and short turnaround times.



The Colorado brings a never-seen-before automation, allowing the printer to print continuously without the need for supervision. Fast out-put speeds and rapid job turnaround also allow for shortened lead times, meaning more jobs can be taken on at once. With a lower cost of operation and a robust industrial design for reliable production, the Canon Colorado is a great choice if you regularly produce prints that need to withstand heavy use and resist scratches.



With its new FLX technology, the UVgel 460 inks are formulated to be flexible and stretchable, providing perfect image stability even when prints are folded, bent or wrapped. In addition to this, with its revolutionary curing process, the Colorado can print either a gloss or a matt finish from the same set of inks, onto the exact same substrate. This give you the ability to produce a shiny gloss ink finish onto a matt substrate, or a velvet matt ink finish onto a glossy substrate. Or simply pair a matt ink finish with a matt substrate, and a gloss ink finish with a gloss substrate. The Colorado explores new business horizons with an astounding application range.



From wall decoration and window graphics, to soft signage and pop-up banners, the Canon Colorado supports a broad media range, giving you ultimate freedom with your printing applications. Whether it’s eye-catching POS capturing the attention of customers, or luxurious wallpaper enhancing your interior décor, the Colorado provides the perfect balance of flexibility and productivity. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a huge surge in social distancing signage, in particular, floor graphics. Large volumes of floor graphics encouraging social distancing need to be turned around with very short lead times. The Canon Colorado has been ideal for one part solutions, where durability and water resistance is essential, as well as in 2 part systems, where graphics can be laminated as soon as they’ve left the printer. With the ability to print at 40sq per hour, combined with the ultra-durable and instantly dry prints, it provides real creative freedom for customers.

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