Expanding your Design Options with the SQUID® Window Textile Series

Expanding your Design Options with the SQUID® Window Textile Series

Introducing the latest addition to the ADAPT portfolio, the SQUID® Window Textile Film Series.


What is SQUID®?

SQUID® is a self-adhesive, printable window textile, engineered to expand design options for interior window decoration. Enabling both privacy and solar protection, SQUID® is a versatile and elegant textile, already making it big in the interior design and architectural markets. 

Produced in a moisture and heat resistant fabric, these unique window textiles enable users to create fresh new looks in homes, offices, hotels and public spaces. With the ability to tailor the fabric to exact specifications and modify to windows of any size and shape, SQUID® is the go-to film for elegant, natural, interior design.


Where can I use SQUID®?

Providing brand new options for interior window decoration, SQUID® is designed to give spaces an elegant, sophisticated look. Perfect for use in homes, offices, hotels and public spaces, SQUID® allows users to enhance their interior spaces whilst at the same time providing a degree of privacy. With their minimalistic look and in six on-trend colours, SQUID® is suitable for any interior design style or type of architecture. Choose from Ash, Coal, Oak, Bone, Rock and Chalk.


Privacy levels

SQUID® films are engineered to create a degree of privacy, allowing users to see out but largely restricting people from looking in. The SQUID® Opaque range is designed for complete privacy protection, engineered to completely restrict the view from the outside in. Designed in a densely woven fabric, the SQUID® Opaque films deliver all the same benefits as the standard range, but is a versatile alternative to self-adhesive PVC or curtains. 


UV protection

When searching for window graphics, the importance of solar protection should be taken into consideration. Even through glass, UV rays can have harmful effects on the skin and can cause irreparable damage to fabrics and furnishings. SQUID® provides high-performance solar and moisture protection by blocking up to 1/3 of heat and UV rays.


Environmentally friendly

As a business we’re placing huge importance on environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. We’re proud to say all SQUID® textiles are PVC free and are made from a 100% woven polyester textile.


Application versatility

SQUID® textiles can be applied on glass partitions and windows of any size and shape, in all types of room. With an indoor durability of up to five years, SQUID® is easy to install, maintain and remove. SQUID® can be printed on using Eco-solvent and UV curable inks on various super wide format printers and Squid Chalk – Latex, can also be printed with latex inks. The use of generic textile ICC profiles is recommended and there is no need for additional over lamination.


For more information on the full series or to place an order, follow this link, or contact our sales team on 0115 982 9770 or at enquiries@amaridigital.com.