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9 Tips to Successfully Install your Wall Graphics

Applying graphics, paper or coverings to your walls is a great way to enhance your space or to transform a room. To ensure you get the best performance from your interior wall graphics and to deliver a successful installation, we’ve compiled a few of our eays-to-follow application tips:


Pre-Installation Assessment

A pre-installation assessment is the first thing to do before applying any wall graphics. Ensure all your walls and surfaces are clean and smooth prior to installation.



Satin eggshell is usually the most preferred type of paint for wall applications, as matt paint can generally mean your surface is coarser and can reduce the bond of your adhesive. Try to avoid applying graphics to easy-clean or stain resistant paints, or paints with low VOC or low latex properties. For any doubts over the type of paint used, ensure to prime your walls or trial a piece of media to your surface and leave for 48-72 hours, to ensure it properly bonds to your wall.


Freshly Plastered Walls

To ensure there is no moisture present in the walls we recommend waiting 4 weeks after plastering. We then recommend sealing your walls with a water-based primer and two coats of satin eggshell paint.


Freshly Painted Walls

For freshly painted walls, follow the manufacture’s guidelines on how long it takes to fully cure. If this isn’t available, we recommend waiting at least 2 weeks before installing your graphics.



The wall should be cleaned thoroughly prior to installing the graphic and before priming and sealing the walls. We recommend cleaning the surface with a sponge and a 2:1 ratio of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and warm water. We then suggest leaving the wall for 24 hours to ensure the wall is properly dry before applying your graphics.



If you decide to prime your walls, ensure to remove any surface imperfections and clean the wall as mentioned above, prior to applying the primer. Seek to use a water-based primer and avoid using an oil-based primer. If you’re in any doubt over any potential failures based on your pre-install assessment, always prime your walls first.


Printing & Artwork

Try to use the correct ICC. If this isn’t possible, use an ICC profile for a media type closest to matching the properties of the media type you are using.

Prints must be outgassed/cured in accordance to the guidelines specified by your ink/printer manufacturer and failure to follow this may result in the media lifting at the edges and delaminating from the wall.

For multi-panel drops, set the artwork up to alternate the direction the graphic is printed between drops. I.e. drop 1, print top to bottom and drop 2, print bottom to top. This should help reduce any variation of colour across the full graphic once the drops are aligned.

Assume that all polyester and PVC based print media will experience shrinking over time, and build in a 10mm overlap in your artwork. For textured media, you may wish to increase this to 15-20mm.


Graphic Installation

Most self-adhesive wall coverings need to be applied at a temperature between 10-25˚C, in order to get the optimal performance from its adhesive. We recommend always using a felt edge squeegee to prevent any damage to the graphic.

When applying the graphic to the wall, it’s important to apply consistent pressure to your squeegee across the media, to avoid any potential stretch and alignment issues. Trim away any excess at the tops and bottoms using a knife and either your squeegee or a ruler, giving a crisp line flush to the adjoining ceiling or floor.


Maintenance and Removal

Laminated prints can be gently cleaned down with a damp cloth or sponge (without an abrasive pad). For un-laminated one piece wall graphics, additional care should be taken when wiping down the image.

The use of cleaning agents on un-laminated prints should be avoided. For laminated prints, refer to the manufacture’s guidelines of the respective cleaning agent.

For more advice or information on how to successfully install wall graphics, contact a member of a sales team on 0115 982 9770 or by emailing enquiries@amaridigital.com.