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How to Choose the Right Window Film for your Glass Applications

Decorative window films are a fantastic way to enhance any glass application. Whether you’re looking to capture the look of cut or textured glass, change colour, or block natural light transmission, there's a window film available to suit your application.

Before beginning, it’s important to take into consideration what window film you will need and what will work best for you.


What application method will you use?

To properly apply window graphics you can use either a wet or dry application method.

Most window graphics use a wet application method, and this can be used regardless of the graphic size. Using a wet application method will ensure you position the graphic accurately without it sticking to itself and without causing air bubbles, making it a lot easier to handle. This application method takes slightly longer before it’s properly adhered to its surface, as the application fluid needs to dry out. Consideration needs to be given to the type of adhesive on the films when wet applied, and water-based acrylic adhesives can cloud up or go milky when they come into contact with water.


Dry application

A dry application method typically uses transfer tape to transfer a graphic from its backing paper onto glass. There is little room for error in this application method, as moving or repositioning the graphic is much more difficult, and can damage the film. When applying graphics with this method, there is a greater chance of trapping air bubbles.



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