Everything you need to know about Floor Graphics

Everything you need to know about Floor Graphics

Installing safe and effective floor graphics has never been so important. Often acting as visual barriers, floor graphics are an easy and essential way to inform, remind and guide the public safely around spaces. Whether used on wet outdoor pavements, public shopping centres or internal office spaces, floor graphics are allowing us to remain safe and distanced when moving in and around public areas.  As we move forward into 2021, it seems floor graphics are here to stay, so ensure you make the right decision and invest in the right product for your application.


Types of Floor graphics:

One part Systems

These floor graphics are ‘one’ part systems, meaning they don’t require any lamination and offer a more speedy production time than conventional ‘two’ part systems.

One Part Systems are also typically designed to adhere to smooth, hard floors, such as concrete, laminate flooring, lino and tiling. Some are also suitable for low pile carpets tiles. The films are a great cost-effective solution and are typically used for short-term advertising and signage in shops, offices, airports and convention centres.

Our One Part Systems all come with an official slip rating, so ensure you choose the correct rating for the environment and conditions your graphics will be used in. Continue reading or scroll down to Slip ratings - What do they mean, to find out what each rating represents. 


Two-part Systems - Internal & External

These floor graphics

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