1. Inside the New HP Latex 700 and 800 Series

    Inside the new HP Latex 700 and 800 Series

    Inside the New HP Latex 700 and 800 Series

    Get equipped to win big with HP’s new Latex 700 and 800 Series, just landed at ADAPT. With the ability to win the highest value jobs, the new Series delivers robust and smart engineering to meet deadlines, increase productivity and improve sustainability levels.

    Bringing a whole new range of features and benefits to roll to roll printing, this latest innovation will take printing abilities to the next level. ADAPT are pleased to welcome these high quality printers into their impressive HP portfolio.  


    But What’s New?


    The Whitest Whites

    The HP Latex 700 and 800 Series delivers the whitest of whites, allowing users to extend their portfolio into high-margin jobs without complexity. With automatic recirculation and printhead manual cleaning, it enables users to reduce their manual purging whilst preventing clogs.


    Vivid Colour at High Speed

    With a higher pigment load, the HP Latex ink enables high saturation colour even at speeds up to 25m2/hr (269 ft2/hr) indoor, with an increased colour gamut. With the ability to produce these vivid colours at high speeds, enjoy striking contrast and expert sharp 4-point text, taking prints to new levels.


    Up to 50% More Productive

    Enjoy high productivity at speeds up to 36 m2/hr (388 ft2/hr) outdoor, with 50% more nozzles per printhead for better saturation at high speeds.


    Fast Reprints

    Work fast processing reprints and multi-copy jobs

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  2. ADAPT Launches its Brand New Workshop

    adapt launches new webshop

    ADAPT Launches its Brand New Webshop

    The team at ADAPT have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a brand new webshop, and its officially live. With lots of new features and a brand new look, we’re pleased to present our new, easy-to-use webshop, designed with you in mind.

    As a business we recognise how important it is for customers to be able to buy online, 24/7. That’s why we’ve designed a user friendly webshop, optimised for both desktop and mobile.


    WIN an Apple iPad

    To celebrate the launch, we’re giving away three free Apple iPads throughout May, June and July 2021. To be in with a chance of winning, simply register or sign into your account and place an order online. Entries are limited to one entry per day, however entries made on separate days will be counted as individual entries, so the more times you enter, the more chances you have of winning. 


    New features

    Our new webshop also features lots of new exciting features. Explore our latest NEWS tab to read all about our company updates and industry insights, as well as exciting new product and hardware launches. For product tips, tricks and how-tos, check out our blog page. Here you’ll find short, helpful reads on everything industry related from interior décor and architectural films, to floor graphics and monomeric vinyl. 

    Featured under our

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  3. ADAPT Welcomes the Mimaki UJV 100-160

    ADAPT Welcomes the Mimaki UJV 100-160

    ADAPT Welcomes the Mimaki UJV 100-160

    Expert printing made easy, ADAPT welcomes the new Mimaki UJV 100-160 into their impressive hardware portfolio. Fully equipped with the latest functions and technology, the Mimaki UJV provides both a low cost and a high return – bringing a new level of quality, productivity and usability to inkjet printing.



    To ensure Mimaki quality, the UJV is equipped with a DAS (Dot Adjustment System), a function to automatically adjust the dot position and feeding amount that affect print quality. Mimaki’s DAS performs these actions automatically without the need for user input, saving time, resource and money.

    The UJV uses three different dot sizes, at a minimum of 4pl, creating smooth print results without the typical grainy appearance produced by some printers. It is also capable of printing on a wide range of substrates with its LED UV cured inks, making it a popular choice for graphic producers, sign makers and print shops. This ink is cured by UV irradiation, so the next process, i.e. lamination, can begin immediately after printing without having to wait for the ink to dry, reducing operation time by up to 90% at maximum.

    The NCU/NRS sensors automatically detect the condition of the nozzles. When the NCU (Nozzle Check Unit) detects a missing nozzle, it automatically performs the cleaning necessary. If there’s a problem left unsolved by the cleaning, the NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) automatically replaces the defective nozzles with other nozzles, and enables users to continue their operation without waiting for service personnel.


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  4. Expanding your Design Options with the SQUID® Window Textile Series

    Expanding your Design Options with the SQUID® Window Textile Series

    Expanding your Design Options with the SQUID® Window Textile Series

    Introducing the latest addition to the ADAPT portfolio, the SQUID® Window Textile Film Series.


    What is SQUID®?

    SQUID® is a self-adhesive, printable window textile, engineered to expand design options for interior window decoration. Enabling both privacy and solar protection, SQUID® is a versatile and elegant textile, already making it big in the interior design and architectural markets. 

    Produced in a moisture and heat resistant fabric, these unique window textiles enable users to create fresh new looks in homes, offices, hotels and public spaces. With the ability to tailor the fabric to exact specifications and modify to windows of any size and shape, SQUID® is the go-to film for elegant, natural, interior design.


    Where can I use SQUID®?

    Providing brand new options for interior window decoration, SQUID® is designed to give spaces an elegant, sophisticated look. Perfect for use in homes, offices, hotels and public spaces, SQUID® allows users to enhance their interior spaces whilst at the same time providing a degree of privacy. With their minimalistic look and in six on-trend colours, SQUID® is suitable for any interior design style or type of architecture. Choose from Ash, Coal,

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  5. How to Choose the Right Window Film for your Glass Applications

    window graphics, how to choose the right window graphic, adapt

    How to Choose the Right Window Film for your Glass Applications

    Decorative window films are a fantastic way to enhance any glass application. Whether you’re looking to capture the look of cut or textured glass, change colour, or block natural light transmission, there's a window film available to suit your application.

    Before beginning, it’s important to take into consideration what window film you will need and what will work best for you.


    What application method will you use?

    To properly apply window graphics you can use either a wet or dry application method.

    Most window graphics use a wet application method, and this can be used regardless of the graphic size. Using a wet application method will ensure you position the graphic accurately without it sticking to itself and without causing air bubbles, making it a lot easier to handle. This application method takes slightly longer before it’s properly adhered to its surface, as the application fluid needs to dry out. Consideration needs to be given to the type of adhesive on the films when wet applied, and water-based acrylic adhesives can cloud up or go milky when they come into contact with water.


    Dry application

    A dry application method typically uses transfer tape to transfer a graphic from its backing paper onto glass. There is little room for error in this application method, as moving or repositioning the graphic is much more difficult, and can damage the film. When applying graphics with this method, there is a greater chance of trapping air bubbles.



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  6. Staying Ahead of the Game with 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Films

    3m dinoc, 3m Architectural films, 3m dinoc Architectural, interior decor

    Staying Ahead of the Game with 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Films

    What is an architectural film?

    Architectural films are a great way to transform tired interiors, bringing together texture, contemporary style and high quality customer experiences. 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Films comprises of 80 of the most popular natural finishes, with over 300 styles to choose from, allowing you to cover interior surfaces with replicas of natural materials, including metallic, fabrics, wood, leather, carbon and single colour finishes. With the ability to transform spaces in a matter of hours rather than days, they’re a cost effective solution for high-end, memorable décor. 


    A unique look and feel

    Used by designers and architects around the world, architectural films resemble natural materials to a remarkable extent. From the warmth of wood grain to the sleek feel of metal, capture the look you’ve been searching for in 3M™’s range of varied finishes. Featuring an advanced ultra-matt top coating, this unique finish produces a natural look, making it almost impossible to distinguish the real material from the DI-NOC™ finish.


    Creating an experience

    When it comes to decorating retail, hospitality or public spaces, it’s now more important than ever to create a positive, memorable experience, and this can be done with these architectural films. By integrating natural materials into internal spaces, we can transform corporate environments into calm, relaxed and sustainable spaces, which our customers want

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  7. 9 Tips to Successfully Install your Wall Graphics

    Wall graphics, 9 tips to installing wall graphics, installing wall graphics, wallpapers, wall coverings

    9 Tips to Successfully Install your Wall Graphics

    Applying graphics, paper or coverings to your walls is a great way to enhance your space or to transform a room. To ensure you get the best performance from your interior wall graphics and to deliver a successful installation, we’ve compiled a few of our eays-to-follow application tips:


    Pre-Installation Assessment

    A pre-installation assessment is the first thing to do before applying any wall graphics. Ensure all your walls and surfaces are clean and smooth prior to installation.



    Satin eggshell is usually the most preferred type of paint for wall applications, as matt paint can generally mean your surface is coarser and can reduce the bond of your adhesive. Try to avoid applying graphics to easy-clean or stain resistant paints, or paints with low VOC or low latex properties. For any doubts over the type of paint used, ensure to prime your walls or trial a piece of media to your surface and leave for 48-72 hours, to ensure it properly bonds to your wall.


    Freshly Plastered Walls

    To ensure there is no moisture present in the walls we recommend waiting 4 weeks after plastering. We then recommend sealing your walls with a water-based primer and two coats of satin eggshell paint.


    Freshly Painted Walls

    For freshly painted walls, follow the manufacture’s guidelines on how long it takes to fully cure. If this isn’t available, we recommend waiting at least 2 weeks before installing your graphics.


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  8. Your Guide to Interior Décor

    Your Guide to Interior Décor

    Your Guide to Interior Décor 

    The interior décor market is constantly evolving. From businesses and homes to industrial environments and retail, the new wave in interior décor is a dynamic, fast-growing market, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The rapid development of digital printing has accelerated this, creating new and exciting opportunities within the interior décor space. Digital printing has also allowed key consumer trends to rise, such as personalisation, individual expression and sustainable living.


    Today’s Interior décor market

    In 2019, the home décor market was valued at $616.6 billion, according to alliedmarketresearch.com, and is expected to rise to $838.6 billion by 2027. New technologies within the digital printing space is allowing this trend to progress, spanning across a range of different industries including industrial, retail, hospitality and domestic.


    Interior décor within the industrial market is primarily used to reinforce a company’s brand identity and image, whilst making an impression for any visiting customers or guests. They can also be used to motivate and engage a workforce, particularly with printed wall graphics such as quotes and imagery. Printed décor and floor graphics have been one of the fastest growing applications in this sector, and are continuing to rise. The Covid pandemic has seen rapid growth in wall and floor signage, used primarily

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  9. The Canon Colorado 1650

    The Canon Colorado 1650

    The Canon Colorado 1650

    The premium printing market is constantly evolving. No longer are wide colour gaumets and higher resolutions seen as over and above, they’re simply the minimum requirements expected by consumers. As new technologies develop, digital printing has the capabilities of offering infinite creative possibilities whilst creating real, rich experiences. By offering mirror-smooth gloss and deep velvety matts, spaces are instantly transformed into cinematic experiences, from floor graphics and pop up banners to wallpapers and ceiling banners.

    With the introduction of the UVgel technology, explained in our latest blog post, digital printing can finally break free from the convention of repeated patterns and lifeless imagery.


    The Canon Colorado Series

    Introducing the Canon Colorado Series, the latest innovation in the roll to roll printing space, powered by Canon’s new UVgel technology. A 64” production printer, the Series produces scratch resistant, odourless prints that require zero drying time. Delivering colourful, razor sharp images, the UVgel allows a precise dot gain resulting in enhanced productivity, speed and colour accuracy.   

    Designed with your business needs in mind, the Colorado helps you smoothly manage busy periods whilst improving profitability, thanks to a reduced ink usage and premium print

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  10. Everything you need to know about Floor Graphics

    Everything you need to know about Floor Graphics

    Everything you need to know about Floor Graphics

    Installing safe and effective floor graphics has never been so important. Often acting as visual barriers, floor graphics are an easy and essential way to inform, remind and guide the public safely around spaces. Whether used on wet outdoor pavements, public shopping centres or internal office spaces, floor graphics are allowing us to remain safe and distanced when moving in and around public areas.  As we move forward into 2021, it seems floor graphics are here to stay, so ensure you make the right decision and invest in the right product for your application.


    Types of Floor graphics:

    One part Systems

    These floor graphics are ‘one’ part systems, meaning they don’t require any lamination and offer a more speedy production time than conventional ‘two’ part systems.

    One Part Systems are also typically designed to adhere to smooth, hard floors, such as concrete, laminate flooring, lino and tiling. Some are also suitable for low pile carpets tiles. The films are a great cost-effective solution and are typically used for short-term advertising and signage in shops, offices, airports and convention centres.

    Our One Part Systems all come with an official slip rating, so ensure you choose the correct rating for the environment and conditions your graphics will be used in. Continue reading or scroll down to Slip ratings - What do they mean, to find out what each rating represents. 


    Two-part Systems - Internal & External

    These floor graphics

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