Paint Protection Films

ADAPT has partnered with Profilm to provide our customers with the most optically clear window and paint protection films in the industry. Profilm PPF is flexible, offers repeatable adhesion, excellent edge seal and no residue after removal. The finish is unparalleled.

Vehicle Wrap Print Vinyl

Our Vehicle Wrap Print Vinyl's are specially designed for printed vehicle graphics. They're suitable for both flat and curved surfaces and are ideal for short to medium-term applications.

Vehicle Wrap Coloured Vinyl

Our Vehicle Wrap Vinyl's are specially designed for wrapping vehicles. Ideal for creating a sleek, distinctive look for your vehicles, choose from our extensive range of colours, textures and design options.

Cast Vinyl

Discover our range of cast films specially designed for high-volume prints. Suitable for long-term outdoor applications, explore our wide range of finishes for all your printing requirements.

Conformable Laminate

Discover our Conformable Laminates, specially designed for long-term bonding on vehicles and signs. The laminates are highly flexible, producing smooth and fast application results.

Magnetic Vinyl

Our range of magnetic rolls are perfectly designed for mounting onto vehicles or as a receptive base to attach a magnetic material. With a strong pulling force, the magnets ensure outdoor signage remains secure even under harsh weather conditions.

Reflective Vinyl

Explore our range of reflective films, designed for advertising graphics, promotional signing and traffic signs. Providing excellent night and day visibility, choose from our wide range of brands, colours and designs.

Fluorescent Vinyl

Our range of fluorescent satin films are specially designed for short-term outdoor applications. Choose from our wide range of fluorescent colours to create an eye-catching, dazzling look under any lighting.

Vehicle Wrap Training

Whether you’re a complete beginner or want to refresh your knowledge, our hands-on, interactive training courses will allow you to develop valuable skills from a trained specialist.

Application and Cleaning Fluids

Whether you're removing adhesive residue, prepping before application or simply cleaning surfaces, we have a wide selection of application and cleaning fluids available.

Squeegees and Rollers

Our wide range of high-quality squeegees and rollers are available for all applications. Explore our range of soft and hard squeegees, our squeegee buffers and variety of rollers.

Knives and Blades

Our range of knives and blades ensure every application is easy and efficient. Whether you're searching for blades, a single knife or a large pack of 50 or 100, we have the products for you.

Vehicle Wrap Tools

Explore our range of vehicle wrapping tools to ensure easy and efficient wrapping of your vehicle. Browse our range of heat guns, thermometers, gloves, knifes and line tape.