Mactac LUV 6300 (6 Month) and Mactac LUV 6301 (3 Month) are both semi-matt clear anti-slip laminates. Specially designed for indoor floor applications, shops, ie shopping centre, airport, work spaces, museum etc. Mactac LUV6301 also can be used in damp environments, such as swimming pool hall, sauna, etc. They are both Rated R9. Use in conjunction with Mactac JT8500 & JT8700.

Mactac LUV6400 (3 Month) is a PVC FREE laminate that can be used like its sister products above. It is suitable for 3 month indoor use. Use in conjunction with Mactac JT5425PUV for a complete GREEN ECO FRIENDLY SOLUTION.

Mactac StreetRap is a white matt calendared PVC vinyl for bitumen surfaces including outdoor pavement and car park floor graphics. Use this vinyl in conjunction with the Mactac FloorGrip & StreetLam.

Mactac FloorGrip is a clear matt anti-slip laminate PVC film, designed for indoor and outdoor floor applications. It is also R11 rated (3 Month). Use in conjunction with Mactac StreetRap.

Mactac StreetLam is a clear satin anti-slip outdoor floor vinyl. Great for pavements, parking spaces, public transport, exhibitions, events, signage, safety. It is R12 rated (6 Month). Use in conjunction with Mactac StreetRap.

Mactac JT8300 WM-RT Dot Floors is a matt white one part floor graphic with removable dot adhesive. Specially designed for temporary indoor floor graphics.

KernowJet Floor-in-One 225STFG has an R12 slip resistance and B1 fire rated one part indoor floor and wall vinyl. Easy to apply, reposition and remove with no lamination required.

KernowJet FloorShark 170TFG is a R10 slip rated & B1 fire rated one part floor vinyl with a unique sharkskin coating which absorbs the ink & dries tough, it gives a great colour gamut and high grip.

Dtec Textured Laminate is a R10 and B1 rated, high-grade, structured, special PVC film with the highest UV protection for surface protection of floor advertising and pop-up display.

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