Coronavirus Pandemic Advisory Staff Update:

We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation in the UK and following all Government
guidance for businesses. We will be updating our procedures and issuing staff advisory updates
weekly or as a major change is announced by the Government.

In general, please reduce physical contact as much as possible and adopt the following measures:

1. Any employee who has been directly exposed to Coronavirus must self-quarantine and follow
all Government advice.

2. Anyone with a fever (fever is generally considered to be between 37.8 to 39.4 deg C) or a new,
persistent cough should stay at home and self-isolate for 7 days.

3. As a preventative, employees who are living with someone who has developed a fever or a
continuous cough should also self-isolate following the recommendations outlined in this

4. Business travel abroad to be immediately suspended.

5. We would strongly advise staff not to travel privately overseas. In any case, please discuss any
planned overseas travel with your Manager.

6. Cancel all non-critical meetings with colleagues from other locations.

7. Limit non-critical meetings within the location and maximize the number of participants to 5
people at a time.

8. Hygiene measures must be observed and followed.

9. Do not use communal mugs, cutlery etc. unless adequate cleaning measures are in place.

10. All external sales staff to cease cold calling. Visits must be by appointment only with customer
consultation to reduce the likelihood of contamination from both sides.

11. Drivers are advised to wear disposable gloves when handling material and not to enter
customer premises. Ensure hand sanitizer is used before re-entering the workplace.

12. External drivers are not permitted to enter our premises at this time.


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