We have KeenCut Evolution3 available to order at ADAPT. The world’s finest cutting machine.


Keencut’s Evolution3 sets new quality and performance standards for manual cutting machines, making accurate cutting easier than ever before. The design combines the latest engineering developments with high production standards and guaranteed 0.2mm precision cutting accuracy. The simple, rapid and accurate alignment of materials increases productivity and saves money.


What you can benefit from Evolution3:

Quick and easy
•Raise the clamp with minimal effort
•Lift-and-Hover* holds the cutter bar just above the media
•Anti-sag holds the cutter bar parallel to the surface of the media
•Sightline strip shows exactly where the cut will be made

Simple to use
•Intuitive – minimal training needed
•Lift-and-Hover* can be operated from either end
•Single person operation even with the largest sheet size

Saves time and money
•Better alignment means fewer mistakes and less waste
•Faster working for higher productivity

Reliable and built to last
•Designed and manufactured to Keencut’s exacting standards of precision
•5-year warranty

Fits any suitable bench
•For the Evolution-2 bench or any appropriate existing bench


Three models to choose from:

FreeHand – Portable version for flexible use

BenchTop – Fits on any flat bench. Lift-and-Hover alignment system

SmartFold – Fold-away under-bench storage. Lift-and-Hover alignment system. Integral cutting strip


Three heads to choose from:

Double Graphik tool head: Ideal for: vinyl, banner, cardboard, up to 13mm PVC foamboard, foamcentred board, corrugated plastic & paper, pop-up & roll-up materials


Fabric tool head: Ideal for: fabric, paper, film, vinyl, banners, delicate materials


Creaser tool head: Ideal for: stout paper and card, cardboard, greyboard


For any more information on any KeenCut products, please contact us on enquiries@amaridigital.com.

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