Not all flat-bed cutters mean you need deep pockets.

The Summa F-series is the range that cuts both time and costs – you can go in-house with one system and slice the expenditure of outsourcing in an instant.

With six bed sizes available, each with the ability to cut with in-built laser pointer accuracy, you’re guaranteed the perfect result.

Choose from:

F1612 – 160 x 120 cm 

F1330 – 129 x 305 cm 

F1832 – 184 x 320 cm 

F2630 – 265 x 305 cm 

F3220 – 327 x 210 cm 

F3232 – 327 x 320 cm 

We’re not just talking correct positioning and material boundaries here either, but also roll support to keep your media aligned.

Summa’s F-series means you can cut easily, precisely and efficiently – whether that’s from flexible or rigid stock.

And as an added bonus, these cutting systems synchronise with large format printers and Summa finishing flatbed systems. Meaning, that whatever your business, the Summa F-Series can raise expectations like never before.

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