Launching today, the new 2080 series from 3M™ is a brand-new multi-layer cast adhesive that can be used for eye-catching vehicle detailing, decoration and full-wraps, and with 40 colours available it allows you to express your creativity.

The 3M™ 2080 series can provide your vehicle with up to eight years of protection and can be used right out-of-the-box, with or without graphic protection, making it quick and convenient. To make it even easier to apply, 3M™ have used their Controltac™ technology which makes sliding and repositioning the wrap easier than ever before.

The film comes in 60-inch rolls which allows for seam free application on almost any section of the vehicle you are wrapping. As well as this, with the 3M™ Comply™ technology, the wrap will be undetectable thanks to the release channels that allow air to escape, resulting in no bubbles or peeling.

Use of this film is recommended for:

  • It is a fully 3D capable wrapping film which means it can handle deep recesses and complex curves with ease.
  • It has a warranty of 8 years on vertical surfaces and 3 years on horizontal surfaces – that’s up to 3 times longer than competitors
  • It has a special conformable ldpe protective film layer on gloss colours, which is removed after installation, this protects against scuffs and squeegee marking, making installation faster and delivering a better result.
  • An improved cold stretch, the operating window is down to 16 °C, to make it easier to install in colder weather and our northern winters.

The films are available in 6 stunning finishes, and with 40 colours available, why settle for a standard colour?

To have a look at the entire 3M™ 2080 Wrap Film series, click here or contact us on 0115 982 9770 or

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