With the high costs of outsourcing, have you ever considered going in-house by purchasing a Summa F-Series cutting system? With the Summa F-series, there are six bed sizes available, and with just one system you can cut down on time and cost!

The F-series range of cutters are able to cut with intense accuracy thanks to the built-in laser pointer, which ensures correct positioning and sets material boundaries. As well as this, the Summa F-Series uses roll support to keep all of the media aligned. Cutting rigid and flexible stock has never been so accurate, efficient, and most importantly, easy! These cutting systems are leading the way with how they synchronise the way large format printers and Summa finishing flatbed systems work together.

We have a variety of cutting systems available, meaning we will have a machine to suit your business and your needs.

For more information on our available cutters, contact us today on 01189 294429 or by emailing reading@amariplastics.com

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