Now in stock at ADAPT, KernowJet® KlearWipeTM is the toughest, long-term, dry-erase lamination film.

Transparent in colour, KlearWipeTM is an acrylic permanent adhesive that can be applied on top of any smooth surface, printed or not. Since the product itself is not printable, it is a perfectly erasable film that leaves no marks and is ideal for extensive use. In fact, due to its lamination compatibility, KlearWipeTM is ideal for all types of ink and has been developed specifically for laminating onto UV cured inks.

The benefits of KlearWipeTM are extensive. As a multi-functional hard-coat surface with excellent scratch resistance, it’s perfect for use, after use, after use. Plus, for longer term writing, there’s no ghosting left behind when wiped clear and promotes perfect writing with no pearling effect.

Of course, some markers need a bit more persistence when it comes to cleaning the film. So, when wiping off permanent marker with isopropyl alcohol wipes, it’s great for you to know that it doesn’t damage the film.

To put it simply, we’ve listed the types of erasing below so you know what to use for each type of marker or lettering:

  • Dry-erase/whiteboard markers – any standard cloth
  • Liquid chalk markers – any standard wet cloth
  • Permanent markers – any cloth with isopropyl alcohol

An extensive amount of benefits equals a varied number of applications. From schools and universities, to bars and restaurants, and even healthcare sectors, you can use KernowJet® KlearWipeTM on any smooth service. Desktops, weekly specials, counters, whiteboards, nursing station boards, whatever your means of written communication, why not try KlearWipeTM?

Available in three widths from ADAPT – 1372mm x 25m, 1372mm x 50m, 1524mm x 50m – we’ve got a quantity of KlearWipeTM lamination films to suit any project.

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