We stock a wide range of fluids to help with all of your needs – before, during and after application. From degreasers and cleaners to sprays and removers, we have it all.

SOTT Industrial Degreaser 600-T800

This Degreaser is the perfect companion for metal fabrication and the automotive or advertising sector. It is highly effective at removing silicone, grease and oil at a molecular level, meaning contaminants come off with ease.

It can even degrease through water so you won’t have to wait for surfaces that have been washed or rained on to dry. Simply apply, wait and wipe with a dry cotton cloth.

SOTT Surface Cleaner II International Version 600-SC02

With this universal spray, you can achieve perfectly clean and grease free results on any surface. From vehicle substrates – plastic, paint and rubber – to glass windows and sign shop materials. Using the SOTT Surface Cleaner II International means you can apply films, vinyl lettering and other materials with total confidence.

All grease, wax and grime are removed at molecular level. Simply apply, wait and wipe with a dry cotton cloth.

SOTT Right-On Spray

This exceptional spray is perfect for fast and easy application of self-adhesive films. It eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles as you can reposition the film after initial application. Faster than soap and water, the Right-On Spray gives you 3 minutes to make your adjustments.

It does not affect the adhesive layer so you can slide it into position and begin working on channels immediately.

SOTT Right-Off Adhesive Remover 600-Z0415

If you need to remove stubborn adhesive residue, tar, paint chewing gum or grease then this effective fluid is perfect. It works in just 2 minutes! Even better, it’s harmless to all substrates, PH neutral and isn’t a hazardous substance.

Apply, scrape, remove and repeat until the whole surface area is clean. This product works best with the SOTT Surface Cleaner, so be sure to grab both products!

If the SOTT range wasn’t enough, we also stock a range of excellent fluids from Mactac.


A high-performance cleaner, this fluid has been designed for cleaning various types of surfaces prior to applying self-adhesive film. It comes in a handy 975ml bottle and a 4-litre refill container that minimises plastic.

This excellent cleaner has been tested for compatibility with the most commonly available Mactac products.


Mactac Application Fluid is designed to support the wet application of various types of Mactac materials on glass surfaces. Recommended for use amongst others with Print Vinyl, JT5829, Macpoly and Glass Décor Series, its solution is ready-to-use – no mixing of components is required, ensuring dependable performance every time.

This amazing Application Fluid is available in a handy 975ml bottle and a 4-litre refill container which reduces plastic waste.


Designed to clean surfaces following the removal of self-adhesive products, Mactac Remover’s specific formulation allows outstanding and rapid cleaning of surfaces following the removal of self-adhesive products. The product is mainly used on painted steel but can effectively clean other surfaces such as glass.


This colourless edge sealant adheres to a range of surfaces. It’s durable to UV and won’t drip – even on steep vertical surfaces. The high performance Mactac Sealer seals edges in the marine environment or in areas with a high risk of chemical spillage.

It is suitable for use on different substrates, however a pre-test is recommended.


This graffiti remover is your perfect partner for removing graffiti and spray paint from applied self-adhesive materials.

This highly effective fluid is available in a 1 litre spray bottle.

We can even go one further, as we also stock the 3M Surface Preparation Fluid.

This amazing product removes heavy contamination due to dirt, oil, wax and grease before you apply your film or wrap. Simply apply then wipe off with a dry cloth.

This odourless fluid is available in a 1L spray bottle or a 5L container.

ADAPT are here to help and we are certain that this range of products provides everything you need.

If you have any questions about the products, or if you’d like to place an order, get in touch today by calling us on 0115 982 9770 or emailing adapt@amariplastics.com

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