Welcome to the HP Latex R-Series. But most importantly, welcome to smarter printing. Designed for more efficiency and sustained productivity the new HP Latex R-Series means you can maximise uptime and meet production peaks –all without compromising quality.

How is this achieved? What is it that makes the HP Latex R-Series so smart? With high-speed quality up to 13.4 indoor/24 outdoor boards/hr and continuous loading, this allows operators to meet production peaks. The HP Latex R-Series’ advanced engineering drives high productivity with automatic maintenance, smart vacuum, and assisted loading. Plus, not forgetting the proactive alerts and preventive services, meaning you can avoid costly operating mistakes.

The HP Latex R-Series also brings the most vibrant colours into the rigid printing world and pioneers white ink capabilities. HP’s investment in innovation around chemistry and engineering has led to white ink no longer being a problem for the industry. By having an innovative system that recirculates the white to avoid settling, whites no longer fade to yellow. The durable and flexible water-based ink is also great for high adhesion and is scratch-resistant, thanks to a new HP Latex Overcoat. Ultimately, HP’s water-based Latex Inks preserve the look and feel of the media substrate, and delivers odourless prints that are both safe for the environment and the printer operator.

So, what else makes the HP Latex R-Series so smart?
Amazing colours

Achieve the most vibrant colours and the glossiest of whites with HP’s pioneering latex inks.

Flexible printing

Reliable unattended printing, automatic alignment and drop-in roll option.

Smart vacuum

Automatically controlled vacuum zones enable easy loading and adjust pressure according to media type.

Automatic printhead maintenance

Maintain high-quality prints with unattended printhead cleaning.

Offline rotation chamber

No waste between white jobs with removable printheads that stay ready to use as the ink does not settle.

Two touch screens

Powerful internal print server with intuitive interface can be operated from both sides of the printer.

HP Latex Inks

New HP Latex Inks deliver unprecedented quality on rigid media.

HP Latex White Ink

Get the glossiest white on transparent and coloured media with high opacity white that resists yellowing over time.

HP Latex Overcoat

Prints provide outstanding scratch resistance.

With smarter printing covered, we’ve not even started on the sustainability benefits of the HP Latex R-Series, or the amazing colours and glossiest whites that can be achieved with the printer. If we’ve piqued your interest and you want to know even more about the printer, click here.

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