The HP Latex R-Series brings the most vibrant colours into the rigid printing world and pioneers white ink capabilities with the introduction of HP Latex White Ink. Durable and flexible, the water-based HP Latex Inks provide high adhesion and outstanding scratch resistance so, regardless of the application, users can assemble and cut without chipping, as well as laminate with ease.

The most vibrant colours on both rigid and flexible.

With the new vibrant HP Latex colour gamut on rigid, you can transform new substrates to set yourself apart from your competition. Plus, there’s no need to make a compromise on quality with the HP Latex R-Series. Coupled with the newly redesigned HP Latex Inks, the R-Series is able to print on a range of rigid substrates such as boards, aluminium, wood, glass and ceramic like never before. All whilst delivering unprecedented quality and preserving media gloss and feel.

Achieve the glossiest of whites across media.

Thanks to HP’s investment in innovation around chemistry and engineering, white ink is no longer a problem for the industry. Tackling one of the industry’s most pervasive limitations in printing, HP’s White Latex Ink has an innovative system that recirculates the white to avoid settling. So, whites that fade to yellow – like traditional UV-based white ink –  are becoming a thing of the past and this solution is an industry breakthrough.

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