The HP Latex R-Series breaks barriers when it comes to sustainable printing. In fact, this technology stands for more than just delivering incredible image quality. It is a commitment to more sustainable practices.

With increasing pressures within the industry and from clients, we’re all becoming more green-sensitive. The HP Latex Series delivers a number of environmental advantages compared to other printing technologies. A key demand is the ability to recycle printed sheets and rolls, here latex delivers a knockout advantage over traditional UV printers. Latex water-based inks eliminate exposure to inks with hazardous solvent and UV-curable inks, and give you the advantage of printing directly on materials they can’t.

And with the HP Latex R-Series, you can increase your productivity with smarter printing – reducing waste whilst maintaining quality.

So if you are trying to answer the question of delivering a green solution without increasing costs, take a closer look at the HP Latex R-Series.

Better for you. Better for your customer. Better for the environment.

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