Calling all sign and display makers. To celebrate the launch of our brand-new range, ADAPT is running a Poli-Tape promotion. Follow our three simple steps to buy a full 1372mm x 50m polymeric digital print vinyl bundle from our exclusive 1100 range.

First, choose your material.

Within this offer, we have our classic Poli-Tape vinyls available for £234 per bundle, as well as our exclusive to ADAPT air-escape vinyls that are £249 per bundle.

Now, you have to select your adhesive.

Available in two options, you have the choice of clear adhesive and grey-back.

Then, pick your finish.

Included in this offer, there is both a gloss and matt laminate for you to choose from.

This offer is only valid on orders placed before 1st November 2018. Be the first to cash in on our limited time only offer. Call now on 0115 982 9770 to place your order today.

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