Available to order now, Poli-Tape is our brand-new range of products. Not only do we now stock a host of Poli-Tape materials, but this range also includes vinyls that are exclusive to ADAPT. So, you’re probably asking what this range is and how it can be used in your next project.

Poli-Tape is Europe’s leading manufacturer of application tapes and printable sign vinyls, all thanks to its high German quality. Its range of vinyls gives brilliant printing results with high resolution and brilliant colours. Suitable for use with all eco-solvent, solvent, UV and latex digital printers, Poli-Tape printable monomeric and polymeric vinyls offer good lay-flat properties and dimensional stability.

From economical to luxury vinyls, and everything in between, this is the widest, most comprehensive range and variety of vinyls. Flat, curved or corrugated surfaces, these products are ideal for mid-term and long-term indoor and outdoor applications such as lettering, logos, signage, exhibitions and more.

As for Poli-Tape Laminating Films, this range protects digital prints and images against UV light, dirt of humidity and prolongs the lifespan of your print. Guaranteed durability and intensity throughout its application life.

Which range of products is available at ADAPT?

  • Poli-Print Monomeric Vinyls
  • Poli-Print Polymeric Vinyls
  • Air-escape Vinyls (exclusive range to ADAPT)
  • Laminating Films

For further information on any of the ranges, download the brochure now. And to enquire for all the latest prices and an accurate quote, please call 0115 982 9770.

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