HP Latex Technology is ideal for canvas printing, providing flexible inks and excellent image quality and fade resistance. Because HP Latex Inks stay on the media surface, they work great on traditional inkjet canvases as well as on a gesso coating or even no coating at all. This opens up many possibilities, for example, stretch rustic-like canvases made of just 100% cotton create a more cost-effective solution than traditional canvases with a unique look and feel.

Get inspired with this “explore the canvas possibilities” video, where you’ll learn about getting a texture on the canvas print, stretching a canvas onto rounded stretcher bars and, even, attaching an elegant canvas onto a magnetic wall!

Successfully delivering a quality canvas to customers requires both a best-in-class technology and a complete solution that includes the preparation of the file, selection of the canvas material, and cutting and stretching (manual or automatic) into stretcher bars. For more information Contact GPT on 01189 294429.

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